-Welcome to the natural bodybuilding school-
Why a school? Because we are going to be your fuel to stay natural, your place to finally be able to BRAG about being a natural, instead of just being one of them guys that’s okay to look at, but nothing special compared to someone that used. So many people are under-educated before taking the dive, or just lazy, or misinformed, driven by friends, we could go on. But wouldn’t it make you even more proud to know it’s all you? Well, you can. You just need a place to start. Well guess where you are now! You got more balls then your friends, got great genes, or perhaps you train heavier then the average steroid user? Read on, you natural warrior.

We couldn’t bother with fancy layouts etc. We’re here for your bodybuilding goals, if you want to see pretty websites go somewhere else. We’re here for the team. For the movement:

Our tag to show the world… – #NATURALBBMOVEMENT

Let’s face it. Time has changed. Rather sad. The art that once was bodybuilding is now something every person can achieve a decent level in…. The sad part about this is, take a 16 year old kid, spend some real money on steroids for him, and watch him go. We at NBS believe in the true nature of bodybuilding. And we are not the only ones! Understand there was a time that steroids where nowhere to be found, but yet, there were quite some strong men with amazing feats! Some yet to be broken to this day! And even if you did decide to go steroids, wouldn’t it be great to first know all the ins and outs of your BODY. What it wants, what it reacts to, down to science. And exploiting at least 80% of your natural capacity, so you can skydive when taking steroids. It’s all in you, you aren’t here for nothing.

    We don’t want to be that kind of site’s that throws around with numbers and crazy scientific tests. None of that nonsense. Just plain, we tried and the result is. Our team has 170 years of bodybuilding / powerlifting experience combined. Our members have worked in supplement stores, worked in gyms, owned gyms or were pro level athletes. Too many of those lazy blogs are all competing each other, telling what people want to hear just to get some visitors, none of that nonsense for us. We’re just going to be straight and point out the truth, leaving for shorter and easier to overlook blog posts. We don’t want to mess your head up but be a reliable source for great kinds of information, getting you to a level you never thought imagineable and beyond, a point where people start laughing when you say your natural (jealous?), a point where your body sticks to it’s muscles as long as you do at least a little effort to maintain. Are you that alpha male/women? Just keep reading.

I mean let’s face it, do you really want to harm your body to be able to build it? I’m not that old, I’m 29, but as a part of our team I speak for us all when I say. Do you really want to harm your body in order to achieve something? Me I’ve always been somewhat against it. I used to train at a hardcore gym where the closest I’ve ever gone to steroids was getting asked wether I was on it. Believe it or not, this pumped me so much I’m still natural to this day! 4 years ago my motivation went through the roof though. I met a man hard as steel, he had huge pecs. All he had done was be in prison for 20 years, off steroids. He has had cancer, food poisoning, he swallowed a fork to get rid of himself, he had muscle dystrofia, yet he looked like he was a 20 year old on steroids. HE WENT ALL THE WAY NATURAL!

Do you see my point? Now to get to it!

Let’s start a MOVEMENT!

    Let’s show them what can be achievable naturally. Let’s motivate each other and drive each other as a team. We are here to bring resources, you are here to show us what you can do. No bashing, trolling. Natural bodybuilding is a looong way. We need every bit of fire to keep the fire in ourself burning! See it as the urge to light a cigarette when your really telling yourself you’ve stopped!

If you really want the lifestyle WITH the health AND the strength and, one day, being that grandpa that people walk around in circles. Then you have arrived at your destination.

Also don’t forget body AGING starts with muscles. If you give that fella enough to feed on, you probably know how this sentence would end.

In time we will provide:
– Shirts of the #NATURALBBMOVEMENT! Want to show off? Want people to recognize you didn’t just go for ease, but went through sweat, blood and tears to get here? NOW YOU CAN, while fueling the movement.
– The strongest natural supplements. No bullcrap, pretty labels, zero results. Tested by 170 years of experience (age of all our team members training experience combined), and the best prices/deals.
– Great nutrition plans. Because we believe all that fancy crap doesn’t work. Modern age comes with a lot of upsides, but let’s face it, a lot of downsides.
– Great allround articles on everything just to keep you fueled enough to stay natural, because we believe you can.

Staying natural, walking down a 30 year path with the constant reminder people on steroids achieve things in about 10 times as fast is about as hard as it gets. WE ARE HERE TO PROVIDE POWER. Don’t let them tell you NATURALS are just as bad off because when you stop your muscles decrease. NATURALS keep a little bit of muscle everytime! I myself went from 150 lbs to 230 lbs (lean) in 11 years, and I’m nowhere NEAR done. Our other members (40+) are over 280 lbs lean, and our 32 year old team member weights 250 lbs. Don’t let them tell you otherwise because they can’t stand you being this strong-willed. Are you here to help us feed on your achievements, and yet be motivated yourself by getting praise all over? This is your place.


Don’t you forget it!